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TrueCNAM is committed to the privacy of every individual and customer who uses our service, and visits our website. This privacy policy provides notice of our information collection practices and of the ways in which your information may be used.

  1. Collection of Information:

    TrueCNAM collects personally identifiable information for the purposes of registering users for our service, provisioning services, troubleshooting, billing, fraud detection, informing customers of new TrueCNAM services, and general operation of the TrueCNAM website and services.

  2. Use of Information:

    Except as outlined below within this Privacy Policy, TrueCNAM will not disclose, share, transfer, sell or rent personally identifiable information to any third party or partner, or make personally identifiable information public, except as required by subpoena, search warrant, court order, or other legal process or in the case where failure to disclose information will lead to imminent harm to the customer or others.

  3. Publicly accessible information:

    One of the primary purposes of TrueCNAM is to populate the TrueCNAM database with Caller ID Name (CNAM) information. CNAM information is a combination of a telephone number, and a name associated with that telephone number. This information is stored in our database. The CNAM stored is retrievable by any TrueCNAM customer when a telephone number is queried from our database.

    You may choose to add one or more telephone numbers and the associated CNAM to our service. By adding your CNAM information to TrueCNAM, you are intentionally populating our database with information you wish to be retrievable by other TrueCNAM customers, when they request the CNAM information for your telephone number. You may only add telephone numbers and associated CNAM information for a phone number you have possession of, the possession of which will be verified by us.

    You may remove a phone number and the associated CNAM information you have added to our database at any time, by logging into your account and deleting it. Once you have deleted the telephone number and CNAM information, we will no longer provide it to anyone requesting CNAM information for that telephone number.

    TrueCNAM will never automatically add any telephone number and associated CNAM information to our system unless you specifically request it. Please note, anyone that can receive a phone call or text message on your phone number (now, in the future, or at any time in the past) may add CNAM information for it. Additionally, TrueCNAM also provides services to telecommunications service providers and carriers, and they may add CNAM information to our database on behalf of their customers.

    Should you wish to change or remove CNAM information added by another person, you may do so using our service, or by contacting us. Should you wish to change or remove CNAM information added by a carrier or service provider, you may contact them directly, you may do so using our service, or you can contact us.

  4. TrueCLID Information:

    We offer our TrueCLID service to all TrueCNAM customers as an optional feature of the service. TrueCLID allows you to temporarily populate our database with Caller ID Number (CLID) information.

    If you choose to use the TrueCLID feature, directly via our API, or via a third-party application or service that utilizes our API, the CLID information for a call you populate to our database may be accessible to a third-party, such as the party you are calling.

    TrueCLID information is temporarily stored in our database, is only accessible for the sixty (60) seconds after it is stored, and is automatically deleted from our database. Please also see the Call Records section below for more information.

  5. TrueSPAM scores:

    We also offer the optional TrueSPAM feature which provides a score that measures the “spamminess” of a phone number, such as numbers used by telemarketers. TrueSPAM scores are automatically calculated using anonymous data supplied by all TrueCNAM customers. TrueCNAM returns this score on some queries using our API, as requested by our customers. TrueSPAM scores allow a customer to decide what to do with a phone call based on the score. We do not have the ability to block any phone call, and nothing contained in the TrueSPAM score or used to calculate it includes any personally identifiable information.

  6. Call Records:

    With the exception of our TrueCLID feature (described in detail above), none of our services store or share anything resembling a traditional Call Detail Record (CDR). A CDR typically consists of information such as: the calling party number (Caller ID), the called party number, and exact dates and times a phone call was placed, answered, and disconnected. As such, we do not have access to information that would uniquely identify a specific phone call, such as the calling and called party numbers.

    We do however store information related to the quantity of phone calls placed or received from a specific phone number, among other metrics, but none of this information can be used to identify any specific telephone numbers you have called, or that have called you. We use these metrics, which are anonymously combined with metrics from all of our customers, to provide our TrueSPAM feature, and for improvements to the service and our algorithms.

    You may wish to also read our Notice to Law Enforcement, which also explains these limitations, and how TrueCNAM does not provide useful information for Law Enforcement purposes.

  7. Telephone Call Content:

    As the media path (IE Voice) for telephone calls do not pass through our systems, we do not have the ability to monitor, listen to, or disclose the content (Voice, Data, Facsimile, touch tones, etc) of any phone call you make or receive, to anyone.

  8. Data in Transit:

    When you open an account with us, modify information on your account, or use our API, information transmitted between you and our network is encrypted and is protected using SSL/TLS over the HTTPS protocol.

  9. Data Storage:

    TrueCNAM stores all information necessary to provide our service in the TrueCNAM database. To provide high reliability, redundancy, and low-latency responses to customers and API queries, the TrueCNAM database exists in multiple datacenters and geographic locations around the world.

  10. Payment Card Storage:

    When you purchase a paid service from us, you supply your credit/debit card details. TrueCNAM doesn’t store payment card details in our systems, rather, they are stored with PCI Level 1 certified (the most stringent) credit card processors that we use.

  11. Other:

    We may use all customer identifiable information to investigate and help prevent potentially unlawful or fraudulent activity or activities that threaten the integrity of the TrueCNAM service, our network and systems, or otherwise violate our Terms of Service.

  12. External Websites and Third-Party Services:

    Our website contains links to other websites and services offered by third-parties. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites or services. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by TrueCNAM.

  13. Children's Privacy Policy:

    TrueCNAM does not provide products or services for use or purchase by children. We do not knowingly solicit or collect personally identifiable information from children or teenagers under the age of eighteen. If you believe that a minor has disclosed personally identifiable information to TrueCNAM, please contact us so that the information can be removed.

  14. Terms of Service:

    For TrueCNAM customers, this Privacy Policy is subject to the TrueCNAM Terms of Service or other agreements between you and us. If you are a customer, please refer to the Terms of Service or such other agreements regarding certain rights and limitations with respect to your use of the TrueCNAM services.

    TrueCNAM reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice.

--- Last Revised February 3, 2015