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TrueCNAM is a simple to use Caller ID Name (CNAM) database which allows anyone to add and retrieve CNAM, and receive Caller Reputation scores SIGN UP NOW
the basics
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the extras
TrueSpam scores provide information on the reputation of a caller, help identify unwanted calls from telemarketers and robocallers, and allow you to decide which calls to answer. Learn more

TrueCLID indicates whether a Caller ID number received is true and accurate, prevents Caller ID spoofing, and can correct Caller ID when it is modified in transit. Learn more
Carriers &
Service Providers
We provide unique benefits to providers including: no per-query fees, worldwide coverage, free storage, no caching, extremely fast queries, and isolated infrastructure. Learn more
We provide a RESTful API available to everyone, for free. Integrate TrueCNAM into your SBC, PBX, ATA, IP Phone, Softphone, Dialer, or any application or service. Learn more
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