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TrueCNAM makes it easy for anyone to take control of their Caller ID Name (CNAM) data, lookup CNAM for a number, and receive a TrueSpam score which helps identifying telemarketing and robocalls.

More information

You can find additional documentation and answers to frequently asked questions in our Support section. Have a question? Contact Us at any time and we’ll be happy to help.


Accessible to everyone

Whether you’re an individual, business, telecom service provider or carrier, TrueCNAM provides access to everyone. TrueCNAM is a new Caller ID Name (CNAM) database where anyone can store their name and numbers, and anyone can retrieve CNAM data and Caller Reputation scores. With TrueCNAM there’s no caching, and everyone gets the same real-time data.

TrueSpam scores

Anytime you request CNAM data for a number, we also provide a TrueSpam score for free. The TrueSpam score provides an indication of the “spaminess” of a caller, such as on telemarketing and robocalls. TrueSpam scores are based on anonymous and aggregated community data, updated in real-time, and are based on automated algorithms, as well as manual reviews and intervention. TrueCNAM never intercepts calls or makes decisions for you, you always keep control of what to do with your calls.

Free service, and no per-query fees

We offer a free service to anyone, with the same functionality as our paid services. All of our services are based on a pricing model that has no per-query fees, no overages, and no hidden fees.

Worldwide coverage

Unlike traditional CNAM databases, TrueCNAM allows individuals to add their numbers in over 90 countries, and carriers and service providers can add numbers worldwide.


With every query we also return a TrueCLID indication, which indicates the certainty that the Caller ID Number (CLID) you received is true and accurate. TrueCLID can also prevent Caller ID spoofing, and correct CLID that has been modified in-transit by intermediary carriers, which is common on international calls, and to rural areas.

Fast queries

CNAM lookups in traditional Line Information Databases (LIDB), and Cached CNAM databases can typically take up to 1 second. The TrueCNAM database provides responses to CNAM queries extremely fast as all records are stored locally, and never have to be pulled from an external database. We never cache responses, and updates to our database are immediate. On some plans, we also offer querying via a CDN (Content Delivery Network), which in many cases can further reduce query times.

Reliable network

TrueCNAM provides redundancy and reduced latencies by operating out of multiple datacenters in different geographic regions. All TrueCNAM systems are Active-Active, including our database, and any datacenter can serve any request, whether it’s a CNAM query, or an update inserting new information to the TrueCNAM database.

Open API

We offer a RESTful API that is free, simple, and open to any developer. Most developers can integrate TrueCNAM into an existing or new hardware device, software, or service in under an hour. For detailed information see our Developers page.


TrueCNAM takes privacy seriously. We don’t store credit card numbers in our systems, and use only PCI Level 1 certified (the most stringent) credit card processors. We never have the ability to monitor or intercept the content (voice, data, etc) of your calls, and we do not store information that would commonly be associated with a phone call such as full Call Detail Records (CDR’s). For more information and details please see our Privacy Policy.

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