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Accessible to Developers, and everyone else

TrueCNAM is available to end-users, telecommunications service providers and carriers, and yes, developers as well. We offer a simple RESTful API that allows querying Caller ID Name (CNAM), TrueSpam scores, and TrueCLID, as well as to populate our database with outbound phone calls for the purpose of delivering TrueCLID.

An API for any occasion

Whether you’re developing a SIP User Agent such as a softphone, ATA, or IP Phone, the TrueCNAM API can be easily integrated into your code. Doing something different? Here’s a few more examples of common places TrueCNAM integrates well: on-site and hosted IP PBX’s, smartphone dialer apps, Fax servers, SMS apps, CRM applications, and many others.

Tell us what you’re working on

If you’re a developer and working on an existing application or a new project, we want to hear about it! Contact us and let us what you’re up to, and if we can help. If you have a publicly available existing service or application, Contact us and tell us about it, and we’ll be happy to offer you a discount code for a subscription to our paid plans.

Getting Started

To get started, we suggest you first signup for an account, and see how the service works. Once you’ve done that, review our API Basics, and then continue with our API In-Depth.

Simple as HTTPS

Whether you’re pulling CNAM data for an incoming call, or populating TrueCLID with a call being placed, it’s as simple as sending an HTTPS request:

For the full details, start with our API Basics documentation which will walk you through our API.

Have a question, comment, or suggestion?

If you run into any problems, questions or issues, let us know at any time by Contacting us.

Sign Up now for a free account, and take control of your CNAM data.