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Carriers and Service Providers get access to TrueCNAM data with no per query fees, and free access to TrueSpam scores and TrueCLID. We also include free CNAM storage, even if you’re not a paying customer. Learn more below.
No per query fees

Carrier pricing is simple, utility driven, and costs far less than traditional LIDB and cached CNAM databases, without the caching. The pricing model is based on 95th percentile billing, similar to IP Transit burstable billing.

Pricing is available to meet the needs of tiny to Tier 1 carriers. We have no setup fees, month-to-month contracts, automated discounts based on volume, and usage is invoiced and post-paid. Contact us for pricing, and any special terms that may apply to your business.

Free storage

We provide free CNAM storage in our database to established carriers and service providers for any number worldwide, even if you’re not using our paid services yet. CNAM updates can be made as either batch uploads via FTP, or for individual TN updates, via an API call over HTTPS or through a web dashboard.

Batch files are immediately processed, and an automated email is sent with the disposition of the import after it completes. Updates to an individual TN sent via the HTTPS API and dashboard become active instantly.

Better data

Our CNAM data comes from three sources: Carriers and Service Providers, verified end-users, and we also add data that has been manually verified by TrueCNAM employees (yes, actual humans). We never use data from third-party bulk databases or lists.

Because we allow any service provider as well as any end-user to update our database, and we regularly purge stale data, you get the most accurate and updated information all the time, with a pricing model that eliminates the incentive to cache potentially stale CNAM data.

and more
Worldwide coverage Store CNAM for any number, anywhere in the world. If it’s an E.164 number, and you provide the service to it, you can store CNAM for the number with TrueCNAM. TrueSpam scores and TrueCLID work worldwide as well.
Simple Integration Querying of TrueCNAM data is very simple to integrate into your systems via our easy to understand API, and uses HTTPS. Many carriers and service providers can integrate into TrueCNAM in less than an hour.
TrueCLID / TrueSpam Every query to TrueCNAM includes TrueCLID and TrueSpam. With a bit more integration, populate TrueCLID with calls your customers place, and increase the assurance and accuracy of Caller ID delivery, for free.
Isolated infrastructure, a robust network, and fast responses We provide isolated (non public) infrastructure to all Service Providers and Carriers, operate out of multiple datacenters and geographically diverse regions, and have automated fail-over between sites. All systems including our database are Active-Active, with no single point of failure. Any query or API call can be sent to one or more datacenters for both redundancy and reduced latency. Our database provides responses to TrueCNAM queries extremely fast, as all records are stored locally, and never have to be pulled from an external database.
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