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TrueCNAM Notice to Law Enforcement

TrueCNAM provides this Notice to Law Enforcement (LE) as a basic explanation of what information we collect and retain from our Customers, and how TrueCNAM is not typically a useful resource for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) and LE purposes. TrueCNAM is not a telecommunications provider or carrier, and no customer of TrueCNAM can place or receive a phone call, data call, or facsimile using our service, or transmit or receive text/SMS/MMS messages through our service.

Limitations of the information TrueCNAM collects

TrueCNAM does not collect and store information typically useful for LE purposes as outlined below:

  1. Calling / Called Party Records

    The Call Detail Records (CDR’s) we store do not contain the full string of the calling party number, or the called party number. As such, we do not have the ability to provide information on calls from a specific telephone number, or to a specific telephone number.

  2. Start / Answer / End / Duration times for calls

    We typically do not receive information on the answer, end time, or duration of a phone call. When we are provided some or all of this information, we store it in a non-specific way, which is not consistent with typical CDR’s that would contain exact timestamps for this information. We never receive information that provides any certainty of whether a phone call was answered or not, or that can guarantee the specific duration of a call.

  3. Limited transit carrier information

    We cannot provide guaranteed information on what telecommunications carrier(s) a call may have originated from, or terminated to, or any intermediary carriers.

  4. No Media

    We are never involved in the call media path, or receive information on the call media, and as such, we cannot “wiretap” a phone, or record or intercept any voice, data, facsimile, or DTMF on any phone call.

  5. Not all calls pass through TrueCNAM

    There is no guarantee or requirement that any customer of TrueCNAM will provide to our service any information for one or more phone calls that they place or receive. Because of this, we cannot provide any certainty to the quantity of calls placed or received, or the usage of any phone number, line, customer account, or any similar functions of our service.

  6. TN’s - Carrier ownership

    We may be able to determine a “best guess” of which carrier a telephone number is “owned” or serviced by, but we cannot provide a guarantee of this information like a traditional Line Information Database (LIDB), or the Local Routing Number (LRN) provides.

  7. Limited End-User information on some users

    Many of our customers use our Free service. We collect very limited information from these customers, and do not have billing records such as a debit/credit card number for them.

We are happy to help!

The above is a basic overview of why we do not believe LEO’s and LE will find TrueCNAM information particularly useful to their investigations. That said, we’re happy to help in any lawful investigation, and our Terms of Service specifically states we will comply with all legal requests. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any further questions, but we believe LEO’s will be best served by contacting the carrier that “owns” an originating or terminating number you are investigating, which typically is achieved by determining the OCN, LRN or similar information of the number in question.

About TrueCNAM Inc.

TrueCNAM Inc. is a corporation formed in Delaware, and registered as a foreign corporation in NY State.